Objectives :-

1) Introduction to the buckets on the dashboard

2) Significance of these buckets

3) Pre-sales and sales usage in a matter of clicks

All the daily activities for the leads can be performed on-the-go using Sell.Do. All the enquiries received through any medium can be viewed from the main dashboard and the activities such as Calling the lead, sending the brochure, sending the price quote can be performed in a matter of clicks.

1) New Enquiries

This bucket shows the total number of incoming enquiries received through any medium (i.e. virtual number, enquiry form on the website or through property portals) for which communication has not been established yet. The untouched leads are not included in this bucket.

  • Untouched Leads: The inquiries for which the Sales person has tried to communicate with the customer but communication could not be established yet (call not answered) due to customer unavailability.

  • Touched Leads: Inquiries for which communication has been established (call answered) between the sales and customer.

Click the New Enquiries Count bucket, to view the list of these new inquiries.

2) Unread emails

All the emails from the leads that have not been opened by the particular sales or pre-sales will reflect under this bucket. 

3) Missed calls

All the leads for which the calls have been missed; i.e. the lead tried calling but the call was not answered by the sales or pre-sales will reflect under this bucket.

4) No future activity

The leads on which no activity has been scheduled (i.e. site visit or follow-up) will reflect under this bucket. The connection has been established (atleast one call answered) for these leads but no activity has been scheduled. So it is essential that the count of this bucket should be as minimum as possible.

5) Reengaged leads

The leads which enquire through multiple sources, campaigns or mediums can be considered as Reengaged leads. Suppose there has been an enquiry from Google and the same lead enquires again through a hoarding number, this lead will reflect under "Reengaged leads" tab. 

So the enquiries consisting of more than one source, campaign or sub-source will reflect under this bucket.