"Today's agenda" can be considered as a notifier to highlight the activities that you have scheduled for the current day. Missed follow-ups, missed site visits, today's follow-ups and site visits fall under this section.


Missed follow-ups 

This bucket will show the count of leads for which the follow-ups that were scheduled have been missed. In other words, if a follow-up has been scheduled for the day and the sales or pre-sales is not able to call the lead during that course of the day, then the follow-up will be reflected as "missed". All such leads for which the follow-up has been missed will reflect under this bucket; be it yesterday, day before or last week as well. Once the call has been initiated to the lead, the lead will move out from this bucket.

Missed site-visits

This bucket is the same as the above bucket; the only difference being that the leads for which the site-visits were missed will be reflected under this bucket.

Today's site visits and follow-ups

The site visits and follow-ups scheduled for the day are displayed along with the lead id and the name of the lead so that the sales can have a complete plan of the activities that are to be performed during the course of the day. Also, notifications are sent to the lead as well as the sales/pre-sales to inform them about the time of the scheduled activity.