We have a pre-defined pipeline structure for the lead so that the sales/pre-sales can differentiate between the qualified and unqualified leads. We can also add new custom stages depending upon the company's requirements so that they can define and manage the leads easily.

We have defined 6 stages in Sell.Do depending upon the communication established between the sales and the lead. The stages are as follows :-

1) Incoming

The leads received in the "New enquiries" bucket for which the connection has not been established yet (no calls answered) will fall under Incoming stage; i.e. suppose if there is call made by a new lead and the call was left unanswered, then this lead will fall under Incoming stage only.

2) Prospect

When atleast one call is answered for a lead, the stage of the lead will directly be changed from Incoming to Prospect. The sales doesn't have to manually change the stage of the lead.

3) Opportunity

If the Prospect lead shows interest in the property and attends the site as well, then the lead can be marked as an Opportunity lead manually. This means that the lead is a qualified lead. This stage can be further categorised into following stages :-

  • Hot leads -  These leads have a high probability of getting converted into Booked customers.
  • Warm leads - These leads have comparatively less probability to be converted into Booked customers; hence additional efforts need to be taken for such leads.

4) Unqualified

The Prospect leads can be marked as Unqualified if the lead doesn't show interest in the property at an initial stage itself. In order to mark a lead as Unqualified, a proper reason should be entered in the form that pops-up (reasons include "Not answering calls", "Invalid number", "Budget mismatch", "Location mismatch" etc.)

5) Booked

The Opportunity leads that have booked the property can be marked as Booked in the system. While marking a particular lead as Booked, the sales must enter Booking details in the booking form that pops-up.

6) Lost 

An Opportunity lead who had shown interest in the property but due to some reasons is not able to buy the property (the reasons include Loan issues, Booked with a competitor). Such leads can be marked as Lost manually in the system.