Lead listing displays following details of each lead record :-

  1. Lead Number/Lead ID – Unique number auto-generated for lead.
  2. Lead Name – Name of the customer.
  3. Requirements – Requirements description of the lead, if any.
  4. Tags - Tags associated with lead (source, sub-source, campaign)


1) Call - Numbers are encrypted and can be called only through Sell.Do.

  • Primary Number

  • Secondary Number

Click Call to initiate call to the lead.

2) SMS – Already configured SMS' can be sent to the primary number of the lead through Sell.Do.

Click SMS to open SMS panel in order to send the SMS.

3) Email - Already configured and manual written emails can be sent through Sell.Do.

Click Email to open Compose Email panel to send email.


You can filter the lead list depending upon the following criteria :-

  • Project – You can filter the list by multiple projects.

  • Campaign – You can filter the list by multiple campaigns.

  • Pipeline Stage - You can filter the list by multiple stages in pipeline.

  • Created Date – You can filter the list by date range for the lead creation date.

You can also sort the list by the following criteria :-

  • Received – new first

  • Received – old first

  • Contacted – new first

  • Contacted – old first