Firstly, click on this icon and then click on All leads. You will get the list of all the leads. Then click on Preview to open the basic lead profile page.

Lead basic details :-

1) Lead Id - A unique number generated to distinguish and search the leads. A lead can be searched using this lead id or phone number.

2) Lead name - The name of the lead.

3) Received on - The date and the time when the lead was received first.

4) Tags - The campaign, source and sub-source are considered as tags for the lead and will be displayed here.

Stage and Status

The pipeline stage of the lead will be mentioned here. E.g. Opportunity is the pipeline stage of the lead and "Hot" and "Warm" are the statuses.



This displays the lead's requirements like budget, possession dates, location preferences, property types (Apartment, bungalow etc), bedroom preferences (1 BHK, 2 BHK and so on).

Interested Products

There will be a pipeline stage associated with every project. You can directly send the configured brochure for the project and also schedule the site visit for this particular project from here. Also, you can add multiple projects for a lead as well. Click on Add project to add a new project of interest on the lead.

Campaign responses

This section will show the campaign, source, sub-source and the medium through which the lead has enquired. Medium includes Virtual number (if called through the virtual number), Api (if enquiry through Facebook form, Property portals like MagicBricks and 99acres), Manual entry (if lead is added manually by sales/pre-sales). If the lead is a reengaged lead, then there will be multiple responses displayed here.

Activities performed on the lead

Adding a note -  You can add notes for the lead which can be used to specify or highlight the important things to remember. Notes can be useful for the sales manager or the representative to which the lead gets forwarded/reassigned.

Call - There are two ways using which calling can be done through the system. The first way is Click-to-call and the other one is Manual dialing.

  • Click-to-call - The sales has to click on the call button. The call is first initiated to the sales person's phone and when the sales answers the call, the call is then connected to the lead. 
  • Manual dialing - The sales can call 

Actions that can be performed on the leads :-

Following figure shows various action buttons which can be used to perform the activities on the leads :-

Note - A note can be added on the lead in order to note down some important things for the lead that can be useful to the sales when the lead is reassigned or pushed to sales.

Call - Click-to-call can be used through the system to call the lead.

Email - Pre-configured or manually written emails can be sent through the system to the lead.

SMS - Only pre-configured SMS' can be sent through the system; the user cannot manually write them.

Site visit - A site visit can be scheduled for the lead on a given date and time for which both the lead and the sales receive notifications and SMS reminders for the same. 

Follow-up - A follow-up can be scheduled on the lead through call/email.

More - 

  • Reassign lead - A lead can be reassigned to another sales/pre-sales from the team so that the other user can also then perform the concerned activities on the leads.
  • Push - This is only available for the pre-sales. In organisations wherein the pre-sales are assigned for calling and following-up with the lead and the sales are assigned for making sure that the site visits are done, the lead can be pushed to the sales once the lead has been identified as a qualified lead.
  • Conducted site visit - A site visit which has been conducted in the past but hasn't been logged in the system can be entered using this feature.
  • Log offline call - Details for offline calls can be logged in to maintain the records for the calling of the sales/pre-sales.