You can communicate with lead via emails also, Email system in Sell.Do facilitates sales representatives to access their email communication.

  • Click Emails tab from top menu to view Emails Page.

    Same as traditional email system, Emails in Sell.Do is divided into three sections

  1. Inbox – This section lists all received emails which are read by sales representative.

  2. Outbox – This section lists all emails sent by sales representative.

  3. Unread – This section lists all received emails which are not read by sales representative yet.

Search functionality allows you to search any email by keyword or duration.

Keyword will be searched in subject and duration will searched in date and time of email sent/received.

These email lists display following details for each

  • Subject – It is the subject line of email.

  • Read More – Clicking this link, will open email details popup. (Refer Figure 24)

  • Attachment (if any) – If any file attached to email then it will be displayed as a hyperlink, clicking on which file will be downloaded.

  • Date time – The time before which email has been sent/received will be displayed.

  • Sent to/Emailed by – The name of user who sent the email (for outbox) and user who received email (for inbox and unread) will be displayed.

  • Lead number and name – Lead number and name will be displayed with which email has been sent/received will be displayed.

  • Reply and Reply All options – If the email is received (inbox/unread) then these options will be displayed, clicking on which compose email panel will be displayed.

  • Email Status – If the email is sent by sales representative, he can check status of email if it is delivered/failed/opened by lead etc.

Email Details Pop-up

It displays following details of respective email in popup

  • Subject – Subject line of email

  • Email Body – contents of email

  • Attachments – Attached files if any

  • Close option – Clicking Close option, will close the Email details popup.