Sell.Do generates real time notifications for different actions of sales representatives. They are as follows

  1. Created a lead – You will receive notification of new inquiry if you create a new lead.

  2. Followup call – You will receive upcoming scheduled followup reminder notification for future follow-ups.

  3. Site visit – You will receive upcoming site-visit reminder notification for future site-visits.

  4. Call – You will receive notification once you complete call with lead, which will also allow you to submit feedback for the call. You will also get notifications for incoming call and missed call from lead.

For different types of notifications different action buttons will be displayed which will allow user to take appropriate action. For Ex – For missed call notification, a call back option will be displayed.

Notifications can be viewed in two ways

  • Real time notifications

On completion of any of the above actions the sales representative will be notified immediately. In Figure 28, this type of notification is displayed in left-bottom corner of page.

  • Notification Tray

If you click notification icon at top right corner of page, notification tray/panel will be displayed, which will contain the notifications if they are not cleared or attended. The icon also shows notification count badge for notifications which are not cleared or not viewed by user.