Before we go for campaign you need to understand how lead generation works in Sell.Do thus you can configure your campaigns precisely. If your campaign contains offline marketing, then you need to configure virtual numbers, SMS short-codes and email (any input channels that are used). For Digital campaigns, you need to configure 3rd party input channels as well. There are four ways of lead generation through digital campaign.

To setup the digital campaign, refer the instructions given below:

  1. Sell.Do will provide integration code and guideline for integration with landing page which will setup the enquiry form, Click-to-Call and virtual number on your website. You need to get this code integrated into your website.

  2. You can generate the tracking URLs once campaigns are created, which will help to track the responses from different publishers.

  3. You need to share these tracking URLs with the respective publishers.

Once this setup is completed, the leads generated from online campaign will be tracked in Sell.Do.