Enter all the basic details of the campaign which includes

  • Name of campaign – It is mandatory field.

  • Budget – It is mandatory and numeric field.

  • Duration – Duration of campaign execution.

  • Project – If the campaign is for a particular project then you can select it from the list of existing projects.
    Setting a project will make the campaign dedicated to the single project.

  • Team – To which the leads generated from the campaign should be assigned.

  • Use IVR - Enable this flag, to route calls to an IVR instead of direct routing to sales representative.

    • If you enable this flag, then you need to select the IVR from list which will be used for the call routing.

  • Sales – Select sales person as backup/fallback routing if other configuration doesn’t matches. It is mandatory if you are not using IVR.

  • Sticky Routing - When enabled, it allows you to re-routes each existing customer to the same sales person with whom customer has already spoken irrespective of the campaign; which in turn reduces redundancy and ensures better follow-ups and customer-sales (Company) relationship. In case if the lead owner is unable to answer the call of lead, the call may get transferred to next available sales person for the campaign, which would make the next sales representative, secondary owner of that lead.

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