You can edit the campaign details similar to Add Campaign. But the changes in the tracking details will impact on the lead tracking. Once changes submitted, the tracking cannot be reverted.

Let’s take an Ex. Where number X has been assigned to source “TOI print”, and the campaign for the same has already started, in case you change the configuration of Number X from “TOI print” to “Any other source” then all the leads generated under Number X will be tracked under New Source and not “TOI Print” and this tracking cannot be reverted. Even if you again change the configuration to “TOI Print”, the new leads generated will be tracked under “TOI Print” but the previous leads tracking remains same.

To edit the Campaign procedure is as follow:
  • Click on the Edit icon for the campaign you want to edit from All Campaigns page.

  • Update the changes in the campaign details.

  • Once review the campaign details in 5th tab and click “Finish” to save the changes.