This step includes configuring 3rd party input channels that push the leads to Sell.Do. This includes enquiries directly from project website, or any other website, click to call, live chat etc which should be routed to Sell.Do. You will get unique URL for each of the configured input channel which once integrated to your website; will send lead data to Sell.Do.

  •   Enter following details to configure input channel

    • API Channel - Select input channel which you want to configure.

    • Project – You can select project here which will be tracked against leads generated through this configuration .

    • Publisher – Source to which this input channel is assigned for tracking

    • Sub-campaign name - You can give a sub-campaign name to each configuration so that you can directly track the lead reports sub-campaign wise.

Note: You should give the sub-campaign name which will indicate the important information like source+Date etc. For example: TOI online-June. With this informative name, you will be able to track the leads for the sub-campaign with the correct info of the sub-campaign details.

  • Team – To which the generated leads from this configuration should be auto-assigned.

  • Sales – sales representatives to which generated leads should be routed. Once you select a team, users in that team will be auto-selected in this field. You can always change user-selection.

  • Associated Virtual Number – User will be able to view this associated virtual number on your website instead of default virtual number which will generate organic leads. As this associated virtual number is configured for tracking, the leads generated from this will be precisely tracked.

  • Associated Short Code – Associated short-code concept is similar to associated virtual number. User will be able to view the configured short-code on your website instead of default short-code.

Note: To associate short-code and virtual number, you need to configure them individually. Then only they will be listed in respective list of associated field.