Tracking URLs are the basis of how Digital campaigns are measured. Whenever you set up a campaign in Adwords or Facebook or any ad platform; you typically use a few parameters to analyze your results in Google Analytics. Marketers use utm parameters for this ( These parameters allow you to segment and measure the performance of your campaigns. Similarly, for Sell.Do we use srd parameter to track. Whenever you set up campaigns in any ad platform, you can generate a tracking URL (with unique srd) and share the same with respective publishers. This combined with the tracking JavaScript code added to your website; Sell.Do can automatically track your leads - and attribute them to campaign, sub-campaign and a publisher. You can use this page to give Sell.Do a base URL; we append a unique SRD code to it. Once you have the URL, you can use it in campaigns. Rest of the tracking and corresponding reports will be available for you in your Sell.Do account.

Once you have configured the input channels for campaign, you will need to generate the tracking URLs.

To Get Tracking URL:

  • Click Get Tracking URL icon.
  • You need to enter the landing page URL of your website and then click “Get Tracking URL” option in pop-up.

  • The list of unique tracking URLs will be displayed for every Rules/configuration by you as shown in figure 10. The srd in the URL is unique and will always remain same for the respective configuration.

  • Further you need to integrate these URLs to the JavaScript code of your website.

  • You can change the Landing Page URL again. For this click “Change the URL” and enter the new URL, the tracking URLs will be changed keeping same SRD in it.