This report is visual representation of campaign lead flow analytics. It gives you count of leads and percentage leads for each flow stage.

Starting from campaign, you can select single or multiple campaigns to start flow which directs towards publishers. The flow lines from campaign to publishers indicate number of leads generated for the respective campaign from the publisher. It also indicates percentage value of leads to the particular publisher with respect to all.

Flow from publisher to projects indicates number of leads generated by the publisher for the respective projects. It also indicates percentage value for it both ways i.e publisher to projects percentage and projects to publishers percentage.

Finally you can review the flow output into 2 forms.

1) Lead count:

Flow from projects to lead stages, indicates number of leads from projects going to lead stages. It also indicates percentage value for it in both ways i.e projects to lead stage and lead stage to projects percentage value. Further for Lost and Unqualified stages flow proceeds to get the reason analysis, which indicates number of leads with each reason from lost and unqualified. It also indicates percentage values in both ways.

2) Site-visit count

Instead of reviewing lead flow by number of leads, you can analyze it from leads for which site-visits scheduled and conducted. Select “Site-visit Count” from drop-down. The flow from projects to site-visit status (scheduled and conducted) indicates number of leads for which site-visits scheduled/conducted as per status. It also indicates percentage value for number of leads in both ways.

You can use this report to analyse flow of single as well as multiple leads.