This report allows you to compare all type of call statistics between your sales/ team. This graph is useful when you want to compare your sales team against pre-defined metrics set. Click Call Stats – Comparison Reports option from right menu and follow the instructions below

    1. Select Team/Sales to view reports of respective.

    2. Select Which type of call information do you want to analyze

    3. Select teams/sales users for which you want to view comparison reports.

Above graph indicates total incoming calls comparison graph of all teams. The statistical information is also provided with graph. By default graph indicates information for daily basis, you can also view this graph on hourly basis. Using these reports you can compare performance of multiple teams/ sales based on specific type of call information. You can directly change the filters to customize according to your requirements and build reports easily. You can further filter the report by date to analyze information in specified period. You can also print and export these reports.

Note: This is a new report for which Sell.Do is collecting data across your telephony. The data available is only post September 19th 2014. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. For previous records please refer Call Volumes and Call Duration reports.