You can export leads which meet your requirements. To do this, you just need to select appropriate filters. 

Follow the procedure below to export leads.

  • Login from Admin account.
  • Go to Settings Management -> Click on Export -> Export leads.
  • A filter form will appear which will contain following filters which you can select as per your requirements.
    • Duration : In case you require lead list which are generated in a specified time period, you should select the date filter from here.
      Note : You can select a max. duration of 6 months at a time.
    • Campaign Responses : You can select new responses to filter only fresh leads and Reenage Responses to filter reengaged leads. 
    • Campaign : To filter the lead list with campaign, select campaign name from drop-down list. You can filter lead list with multiple campaigns also.
    • Sub-campaign : If you want lead list to filter for any sub-campaign, you need to select the sub-campaign from drop-down list. You can select multiple sub-campaigns as well.
    • List : There are default lists available which meet specified criteria. For example "Yesterday's missed follow-ups" list provides leads for which follow-ups were scheduled on last day but were missed by sales. Similarly other lists also provides different type of leads. You can use these lists to further filter you lead export data.
    • Project : You can filter the list for the particular project by selecting project from drop-down list.You can multi-select projects to filter.
    • Sales : If you want lead list of a particular sales user, you can get in with this filter. You need to select the user from drop-down list. You can select multiple sales users also.
    • Email : To export the data, you need to enter email address to which this export will be sent by an email.
  • Click the "Next" option.
  • Select the fields that you want in export.
  • Scroll down if you want all fields (This will affect export delivery time) and click Export.
  • The export file in CSV format will be sent to the email address, you can download and use this CSV file. Please note that this link will expire after 24 hours of sent time.

To Export all Leads without filter, select duration, enter your email and click EXPORT.