You can export call information of your sales team. To do this, you just need to select appropriate filters and export file. 

Follow the procedure below to export this information.

  • Go to Settings Management -> Click on Export -> Export calls.
  • A filter form will appear which will contain following filters which you can select as per your requirements.
    • Created Between : In case you require call information in a specified time period, you should select the date filter from here.
    • Sales : If you want call information of a particular sales user, you can get in with this filter. You need to select the user from drop-down list. You can select multiple sales users also.
    • Campaign : To filter the call information with campaign, select campaign name from drop-down list. You can filter information with multiple campaigns also.
    • Status : This option allows you to filter information depending upon call status that is call answered or not.
    • Direction : This option allows you to filter call information depending upon inbound or outbound calls.
    • Email : To export the data, you need to enter email address to which this export will be sent by an email.
  • Click "Export" option.The export file in csv format will be sent to email address,you can download and use this csv file. Please note that this link will expire after 24 hours of sent time.

You can download the exported file from your mail. The csv file contains all information of calls like Lead Id, lead name, stage, state, personal details like contact information, address, requirements of lead including minimum budget, maximum budget, minimum and maximum possession etc. It also includes sales information like primary sales, last activity date, status, last contacted on etc and information of inquiry source like campaign, sub-campaign, source, sub-source enquiry date etc.