You can export information of your users in Sell.Do. To do this, you just need to select appropriate filters and export file. 

Follow the procedure below to export this information.

  • Click "Export" from top menu and select "Users" option.
  • A filter form will appear which will contain following filters which you can select as per your requirements.
    • Created Between : You can select this filter to get the users information which were created in the specified period.
    • Role : You can apply filter of role, if you want information of users with a specific role for example admin, sales or manager.
    • Status : You can filter the information by status i.e Active or Inactive.
    • Team : Using this filter, you can get information of users of a particular team.
    • Email : To export this data, you need to enter email address to which this export file will be sent by an email.
  • Click "Export" option. The export file in csv format will be sent to email address,you can download and use this csv file. Please note that this link will expire after 24 hours of sent time. 

You can download the exported file from your mail. The csv file contains all information of users like name, status, primary and secondary phone numbers, team, department, role, manager,user created date and last signed on date.

Moreover, you can also export the user data by following the below steps :-

  • Click on Settings management -> Click on user management -> Click on Export.