Member list is the list of leads to which the marketing emails and SMSs to be sent. Creating members list is the first step of marketing module.

Next image indicates the member list page. Every record provides you following information for list

  1. Update At: The last updated date and time
  2. Name: The name of the member list
  3. Total Emails: the number of emails available in the list
  4. Total Phones: the number of SMSs available in the list
  5. Status: member list status
  6. Type: List type
  7. Actions:
    • Edit: It enables you to edit the list.
    • Delete: It enables you to delete the list.
    • Update: this enables you to update the list.

You can create a member list by following ways

  1. using existing list of leads or
  2. uploading xls File with Lead Ids or
  3. uploading xls file with Phone numbers

Following is the procedure to create a member list

  1. Update the member list name
  2. Select how you want to get the leads
    1. existing list of leads or
    2. upload xls File with Lead Ids or
    3. upload xls file with Phone numbers
  3. If you want to use an existing list of leads, then you can directly select the list from the drop-down in next step.
  4. If you have selected to upload xls option, then you need to upload an xls file with either lead ids or phone numbers as per your choice.

  1. Once you upload a file, you can verify the details and correct if needed.
  2. This completes the member list creation procedure.