A normal way to reach out large customer base is sending bulk emails. You can send latest updates, new offers, and ads through emails. sell.do provides you option to send bulk emails through this feature. You can use predefined templates, HTML code or simple text in the email.
The emailing is made easy with this feature which also enables you to schedule the email activity in case you want to send emails at a certain time.


You can view and manage emails from this page. The following figure indicates the Marketing Emails Page.

This page displays following details for every record created here :-

  • Name - Name of the emailer

  • Status & Date: It shows the status of mail if saved or sent with last updated date and time

  • Actions

    •  Details: Clicking on this icon, it will display all the details of email. Above Figure shows member list details.

Email Statistics:

This page displays a detailed report of sent emails. It indicates following details

  • Requests: Total number of email requests sent from prospects.sell.do.

  • Delivered: Number of emails delivered to recipients successfully.

  • Unique Opens: Number of emails which were open by recipients.

  • Unique Clicks: Number of unique clicks by recipients for emails.

  • Bounced: Number of emails bounced by email activity.

  • Unsubscribed: Number of recipients who unsubscribed the email.

  • Graphs below the statistical information indicate all information traced on the timely basis.

    • Daily: This graph represents all emailer activity information traced on daily basis. You can view a more detailed report by changing the span from the bottom.

    • Hourly: It represents all emailer activity information tracked on an hourly basis. You can view the more detailed report by changing the span from the bottom.

    • Hour of the day: It represents accumulated information of emailer activity in 24 hours throughout emailer activity. You can analyze which is the peak time where the recipients were more active.