Click on Manage documents -> All documents

You can create multiple folders to organize your documents. To create folder follow the procedure below

  • Enter folder name in text-box and click Create New Folder option which will create a new folder with specified name.

Now you can upload different files into these folders. To upload the files, follow the procedure below
  • Click Folder in which you want to upload the files.

  • Click on Upload option, which will prompt the window to upload files. You can select single or multiple files at a time to upload.

Note: You can upload different type of files includes image, PDF, doc, excel etc.

Following figure shows the files in a folder “Documents”. You can change the view with grid and list view options.

You can also search a document by name. Mouse-over the file to view different options for file including Edit, Delete and Download.

To edit the file,

  • Mouse-over the file you want to edit.

  • Click Edit option.

  • This will open Edit File page as shown in below figure

You can edit following details of file :-

  • Name : File Name

  • Description : File description

  • Project : You can tag specific project to the file.

  • Folder : You can also change folder in which file to be placed.