This configuration allows you to customize the lead stages for sales user. Even though there are some fixed lead stages in, you can definitely customize lead stages by either adding stages before opportunity stage or after opportunity stage. You can also add sub-stages for those stages.

To track the reasons of lost and unqualified leads more accurately, you can add the other reasons for the stage which are responsible for lost or unqualified leads. You can do so by editing the stage.

Q. How to add/edit Lead Lost/Unqualified reasons?

To add lead lost or unqualified reasons navigate to Settings tab from your admin account and follow the below path.

  • Settings > Lead Settings > Manage pipeline stage > Select resales or sales tab for whom changes are to be done.
  • Click on the 3 dots from the right of unqualified or lost stage and click edit.
  • Scroll down to "Drop Off Reasons" and click on plus sign to add a new reason.
  • Type the reason in the box and save.
  • Similarly, you can click on edit icon to edit an existing reason.

Please note once a new reason is added it cannot be deleted, however you can disable it unchecking the checkbox in front of the dropoff reason.