The property inventory management module in is a powerful, perpetual inventory system that’s designed for real estate developers as well as consulting companies.
To manage the increasing property information in today's real estate industry, you need something better than a big registry or stressed minds with a lot of data. You need an application which manages your inventory more easily and efficiently, which should keep your inventory updated and make it available for your sales users who then won't need a notepad every-time when they call a customer. provides all these features with its inventory management module. It includes 5 major blocks of real estate inventory essentials
  • Developers – If you are a construction consulting company then you can manage your multiple developers with this feature.

  • Projects – You can manage your multiple projects with this feature.

  • Project Towers – Your project towers can be managed through this module.

  • Floor Plans – You can also manage floor plans using inventory.

  • Units – You can manage units as well, for more detailed inventory management and also allow them to book/hold via sales users.