You can edit following details of project by clicking on edit icon from the projects list page.

  • About

    • Developer

    • Project Name

    • Description

    • Sales

    • Pre-sales

    • Launched On

    • Expected Completion

    • Possession

    • Status : Active/Inactive

    • Upload Logo

  • Address : You can update the address details of project as follows

    • Address

    • Street

    • City

    • State

    • Country

    • Zip

    • Exact Location

      • Latitude

      • Longitude

  • Details : You can add following details of project.

    • Construction Status

    • Project Type

    • parking

    • Association Type

    • Suitable For

    • Total Building

    • Transaction Type

    • Approved Banks

    • Loading

    • Security

    • Vastu

    • Comments

    • Approval

    • Project USP

  • Specifications and amenities : You can add specifications and amenities from pre-defined list.

  • Cost Template - This section is important if you are using post-sales feature.

    You should add the cost template for project in this section. Once you add template for project, it will be reflected for corresponding towers, floor plans and units in the project. You can further add variations depending on different factors in the towers, floor plans and units.

    1. Base Cost :

      Base cost includes only calculation of base price. It can be either dependant on saleable area/ carpet area.

    2. Additional Cost :

      You can also add additional costs which you would like to include in cost template. You can either add absolute cost directly or you can get calculative cost dependant different factors like base rate, area or floor rise.

    3. Government Cost :

      These are the fixed set of government costs which you have already added in post-sales configuration. You can either add or remove it from cost template.

  • Custom Fields

    • If you have added any custom fields for the project, then those will be displayed here

  • Documents -

    You can add and edit different email templates which post sales users can further use while sending email to customer.It includes following types

    • Demand Letter

    • Customer Statement

    • Allotment Letter

    • Rejection Letter

    • Cancellation Letter

    • Agreement letter

    • Receipt

    • Reminder

    • Ledger

    • Payment Schedule

    • Commitment Letter

  • Previous Demand Letters -

    You can view the list of previously generated demand letters with current status. You can filter the list depending upon tower and project status as well. If yet demand letter are in draft status, you can multi-select and send demand letters.

  • Edit Price quote and brochure : You can add brochures and price quotes with following details

    • Name

    • Subject

    • Description

    • Attachments

  • Upload Images : You can upload images of levitations, landscapes, amenities, layouts, general and floor plans.

  • View Developer : Clicking this link, will allow you to view details developer of the project.

  • View Towers in this project : Clicking this link, will allow you to view available towers in the project.

  • View Available Floor Plans : Clicking this link, will allow you to view available floor plans in the project.

  • All Projects : Clicking on this link, will display Project List page.

  • Add Project : Clicking on this link, will navigate you to Add Project page which will allow you to add new project details.