All the lead details explained earlier follow the same pattern of display which is explained below


You can view all the details related to lead on “Lead Details” page. It displays

  1. Lead Basic Details

  • Lead ID

  • Lead Name

  • Last Contacted Date

  1. Requirements – It displays already specified requirements like budget, possession, location preferences, property types, bedroom types. You can edit these requirements by clicking Edit/Add link. If there are no requirements added for lead, Add link will be displayed.

  2. Stage and sub-stages – It shows current stage of lead and also allows to change stage. Sales representative need to update stages time to time according to lead response. (Refer Understanding Lead Pipeline for more details)

  3. Tags – It shows the different tags assigned to the lead. You can also add new tags of any important information to the lead.

    Bottom Panel displays different sections as below

  • Projects of Interest - You can add project of interest for a lead depending on his requirements. This section shows the projects of interests added for the lead. It allows you do different information related to project like site-visit, brochure and price-quote status. It also shows option to Schedule or Update scheduled site visit. Also if the brochure, price quotes for projects are not sent, then can be sent. You can add/remove a project from list as per lead requirements.

    • Click Add option, to add project of interest and select project from list.

    • Click settings icon, which will show Remove option, clicking on which the project will be removed from project of interest section of lead.

  • Tasks – The different tasks pending at sales representatives are displayed under this section. It can be related to site-visit or follow-up. These tasks remind you the pending actions need to be taken. For each task you can take appropriate action which can be directly selected from different option for it. Below figure shows an example for the same.

  • Calls – This type includes all activities related to call like missed call, outgoing conducted call, incoming received call etc.

  • Activity – This section lists shows different activities performed for the lead. Activities can be of following types and you can filter the listing by these types

  1. Edit – You can edit the lead details by selecting this option. It will open up the lead form similar to Add Form.You can update requirements as well as profile details of leads.

    For more actions, click More Icon on the top right corner.

  2. Schedule Site-visit - You can schedule a site-visit for the lead using this option. You need to fill the site-visit details as shown in figure.

      Enter following details for the site-visit

      1. Project – Project for which site-visit you are scheduling site-visit. This is mandatory field.

      2. Schedule Date and Time – Site-visit date and time. This is mandatory field.

      3. Team – It is optional to select team

      4. Customer Pick-up Flag – Enable it if customer needs pick-up service.

      5. Pick-up Location and Time – If customer needs pick-up time, then you need to select pick-up location and time.

      6. Agenda – The agenda of the site-visit should be added in this field.

      Click OK to submit the details and schedule site-visit.

    Once you schedule a site-visit, an SMS will be sent to lead with details of it. Also a reminder SMS will be sent to him before some time of scheduled time. This site-visit will be also flashed for sales representative as reminder.

  1. Schedule Follow-up - You can schedule a follow-up for lead by scheduling date and time, subject and agenda for it. Scheduling this will remind you for the follow-up on the scheduled day.

    1. Enter following details

      1. Schedule Date and Time – Date and time for follow-up call

      2. Subject – Subject or reason of follow-up call

      3. Agenda – Notes or agenda of follow-up call

      Click OK to submit details and schedule follow-up.

  2. Call - Click Call icon, to place a call to lead. This call will first come to your (sales representative's) primary number first, once you receive the call, it will then go to lead. You can talk with the lead for his inquiry. If you are not able to connect lead, or lead is busy then you can schedule a follow-up.

  3. Email – You can contact lead by sending e-mail through Sell.Do. You can use the already configured templates in Sell.Do or can compose mail manually.

  1. SMS – You can send SMS to lead through Sell.Do. But you need to select predefined template for it. You can not edit the message to be sent.

  2. More

    1. Reassign the lead : You can reassign the lead to another user for which you first need to select team and then sales representative to which you want to reassign the lead.

      Click Reassign the lead option, select team and then representative name to which you want to reassign the lead.

    2. Add conducted site-visit: If you have already conducted visit which was not previously scheduled then you can add details directly.

      Click Add Conducted Site visit option, which will open site-visit panel. Add details and click Add previously conducted site-visit option.

    1. Add Note – You can add notes for the lead which can be used to specify or highlight the important things to remember. Notes can be useful for the sales manager or the representative to which the lead gets forwarded/reassigned.

  • Click Notes icon, to open notes panel.

  • Enter notes for lead.

  • Click Save Note to submit and save note.

    1. Push to sales (For Pre-sales user only) – This option is only available for pre-sales user.

  • Click Push to sales icon to open push to sales form.

  • Select Sales team from drop list

  • Click Push option.