This option will provide all information of inbound and outbound calls. As the telephonic call is one of the vital communication medium used, Sell.Do keeps the log of all telephonic calls with important information of each.
This page further segregates call logs into two sections
  1. Incoming – This section lists all the incoming calls to the sales representative.

  2. Outgoing - This section lists all the outgoing calls from the sales representative.

The search functionality allows you to search calls by keyword or duration. The keyword will be searched in notes added by a sales representative for a call and duration will be searched by call and date time. Following screens indicate Calls screens with search functionality.

The call log displays following information of each call

  • Call Type and Response – Incoming or outgoing call and missed or received by sales representative and lead.

  • Date and time of call – Date and time of call attempt will be displayed.

  • Call Initiator /receiver name – If an incoming call, then receiver name will be displayed and if outgoing call then call initiator name will be displayed.