Following configurations available for the post-sales module. You can update them as per your requirements.

  1. Enable Post-sales module: 
    Enabling this will allow you to use post sales module.

  2. Allow post sales users to confirm bookings:

    Enabling this will allow post sales users to confirm bookings if it is disabled then only post sales managers can confirm the bookings.

  3. Reply to address
    This will be sent reply email address, so whenever customer replies back to any mail, he/she will see this email address as recipients email address.

  4. Routing based on
    You booking details can be routed based project, team or sales.

  5. Payment Types

    You can add multiple payment types in order to differentiate the payments.

  6. Interest Percentage

    You can add monthly interest percentage which will be applied in case if customer delays payment.

  7. Grace Period

    Interest will be applicable if the customer doesn't pay pending amount in x no. of days from sending the demand letter. You can define grace period in a number of days.

  8. Government Costs
    You can add different government cost by default in this section. The cost can be absolute/calculative. If you select calculative cost, you need to add formula to calculate which will be
    Final Cost = Value % of Selected field value

    For ex. Vat = 1% of Agreement Value

    Henceforth, the vat value will be always calculated depending on agreement value.

    Please note you must not add costs which differ depending upon inventory.

  9. Reminder

    You can automate the reminders for demand letters if payment is due at customer end. You can multiple reminders which will be generated after specified days of the demand letter sent date/last reminder sent date.
    Reminder Threshold

    You can add threshold %. If a customer has paid threshold of pending amount, then the reminder emails will not be sent.

  10. Send Cancellation Email
    Enabling this will allow the system to send the cancellation email to the customer.

    You can also configure the no. of days after which cancellation email should be sent.