Converting leads into your customer is the main part where your sales process plays the important part, however, how much attention is provided to post-sales processes? How are you tracking post-sales work for your sold properties?
    All the bookings come to your post-sales executive who is responsible for the major post-sales processes where he/she needs to take follow-ups for payment, sending the demand letters to them, updating the payment status, processing the payments and may more tasks. However, you need to use multiple Softwares or do these tasks manually and also those things may not be tracked well.

    Now in the digital era, there is need to automate this process to reduce the manual errors, increase visibility in the process, save time and cost and accelerate growth with accuracy in this process.

Hence introduce post-sales process, which enables you to work on the booked leads by performing all the tasks of a post sales user.

Post-sales feature of now provides you with a way to handle all the processes in post-booking phase easily

  • Automated demand letter generation based on payment schedule
  • Payment update and payment status tracking
  • Reminder email automation
  • Cancellation process
  • Receipt generation
  • All other actions like Call, Email, schedule followups etc