When the sales user marks a booking, it will be transferred to the post-sales user. By default, the booking will be marked with tentative status.Either post-sales user can directly mark the booking confirmed or his/her manager must mark the booking confirmed.

When the booking is in Tentative state, post-sales user can only take following actions on the booking

  • Email/Call
  • Mail the cost sheet and payment schedule.

Only when the booking is confirmed demand letter/s will get generated and payment process also gets initiated.

Following are the important terms which are used in post-sales process

  • Booking state Tentative: This status indicates that the booking is unconfirmed and payment and demand letter generation process can not be initiated.
  • Booking state Confirmed: This status indicates that the booking is confirmed, the agreement has been done and postsales activities can be initiated.
  • Payment schedule: It indicates at which level/date how much payment should be done by the customer. Depending upon the payment schedule and project/tower status the demand letters are generated automatically.
  • Demand letter: It is the letter asking the customer the amount to be paid as per payment schedule for the booking.
  • Ledger: It is the repository of all transactions within terms to be paid and already paid amount, for the booking. It also differentiates those amounts against every demand letter in order to make the ledger more readable.
  • Receipts: When the customer pays the amount against the demand letter, you must update that in order to keep Ledger updated. Once you add any payment record, receipt for the same would be generated which you can send to the customer.

Once you know these terms, post sales activities are easy to understand.