As you have already seen what are the booking and what are the demand letters in the previous article. Now, this article explains which information you can access for a booking and how to work on it (i.e functionalities related to bookings).

Details include booking details and cost details as mentioned below

  • Booking Id
  • Customer Name
  • Booking Details
    • Developer
    • Project
    • Tower
    • Unit
    • Saleable area
    • Carpet area¬†
    • Floor Plan (BHK)
    • Floor
    • Base Rate
    • Booking Date

Also, it will indicate all cost details regarding booking which includes

  • Base Rate
  • Effective Rate
  • Floor Rise
  • Base Price
  • Additional Costs such as MSEB, gas etc.
  • Government Costs such as vat, stamp duty etc.
  • Agreement Value
  • Total Price

You can email, download or print the cost at any time.

Status change: If the booking is in tentative stage, you can edit the cost as per requirement. Once booking is confirmed then you cannot make any changes in payment schedule as well as cost sheet.

Following are the actions available for a booking

  • Email: This option allows you to send emails to customer.
  • Call: This option allows you to call the customer.
  • Followup: This option allows you to schedule a follow-up for the customer.
  • Payment Schedule: With this option, you can view current payment schedule as well as send the same to the customer.
  • Add Payment: This option allows you to add payments received from the customer. You can fill the form of Add Payment which includes
    • Account Date
    • Payment Mode
    • Other details regarding payment Mode:
    • Payment Type
    • Amount
    • Remarks

Once you submit the payment details, a receipt will be generated for the payment and will be auto-sent to customer email address.

  • Edit: This option allows you to edit the customer and his/her loan and agreement details.
  • Details: This option allows you to view all details including all activities related to booking and lead.
  • More: This option allows you to select following other options
  • Ledger: This is basically a monitor system for credit and debit of payments for the bookings. It is differentiated by demand letters and different type of amounts. Green amount indicates paid amount (debit) and red indicates credit.

  • Receipts: This option allows you to view receipts for received payments from the customer.
    You can print, download or email receipts to the customer.

  • Edit Cost sheet: This option allows you to edit cost sheet. This option is visible only if the lead is tentative.
  • Demand Letters: This option allows you to view the list of demand letters with following details.
    • Unit
    • Stage
    • Demand Letter Type
    • Status
    • Actions¬†
      • View | Send: You can view as well as send demand letters to the customer.