The admin can do bulk lead reassignment by following process :-

Click on Settings Management -> Reassign leads 

This page allows you to upload the file with .csv extension for reassigning the leads. 

It order to create this file in excel use below format.
  • Make two columns with labels "Lead Id" & "User Id" which will be Ids of lead and sales user to whom lead to be reassigned respectively
  • Take the lead id's from the export.
  • To get the sales Id, edit profile of the sales user, from Users page, which will indicate an url in browser's address bar. The url will look like "". From this url id between "" and "/edit" will indicate sales id. In above example "57347329a7a039e46c000885" is sales id.
  • Now add lead Ids under Lead Id column and Sales Ids to whom the lead should be reassigned under Sales Id column.
  • Save the excel file. It should be in csv format.
Now upload the file on this page and the leads will be reassigned.

The reassignment totally depends upon the volume of leads; hence we cannot predict the time in which the leads are reassigned. Generally it takes 5mins for the reassignment of 1000 leads.