Lead score model in the sell.do provides detailed lead analysis for better marketing and sales productivity. Lead scoring allows your sales team to focus on the Leads that have the highest probability of buying your product/property, based on a set of pre-defined criteria. The criteria are based on lead information/activities performed in CRM.

This model tracks the activities of lead in accordance with sell.do system and assigns points to every activity based on its importance to assign scores to every lead and categorise them to score. Your marketing and sales team can now prioritise nurturing activities depending on lead score. Using this information, companies can save valuable sales time and effort by targeting most interest leads in order to increase productivity and revenue rapidly.

  1. How Lead Score Model helps to increase efficiency?

  • Improves the sales and marketing relationship, as unqualified leads don’t distract sales productivity, allowing executive to focus on the priority leads provided by marketing.

  • Creates common ‘lead’ definition, simplifies follow-up processes and drives alignment.

  • Creates a foundation for marketing and sales Service Level Agreements for lead follow-up.

  1. What are the criteria included in the default Lead score matrix?

  • New answered incoming calls will get positive points whereas new not-asnwered incoming calls will get negative points.

  • Called back to missed calls tend to receive positive points.

  • outgoing call to new lead in 1hr will result in positive points wheres outgong calls not one after 1hr of lead generation will eventually result into negative points.

  • followup scheduled & conducted after 1 hr will receive positive points whereas not scheduling site-visit or follwup in 1hr of last answered call will result into negative points.

  • Every scheduled and conducted site-visit gets positive points but missed site-visit tens to get negative points.

  • Every answered innboud and outbound call receives positive points but inbound call not-answered results into negative points.

  • Every inbound & outbound email read will receive certain positive points

  • When it comes to stage change, incoming to prospect, prospect to opportunity will result into positive points and prospect to unqualified & opportunity to lost will result to negative points.

  1. How to implement Lead Score Model in your sell.do account?

  • Contact sell.do support team to start lead score model.

  • You will receive a lead score matrix file, which will give you information about the pre-defined criteria and assigned points for lead scoring.

  • You can use the default pre-defined criteria/make changes according to your priority for lead scoring.

  • Once you submit the final lead score matrix file, support team will create workflow which will automate lead score model in you sell.do account and will provide you custom lists with lead score criteria like Lead score (0-20), (20-40), (40-80) and (80-100).

  • Now your team can start using these lists and prioritize lead nurturing activities accordingly.