Now adding inventory made easy in with new feature of bulk upload. You don't need to add each and every detail for each field in inventory. This feature allows you to upload and excel file with pre-defined format of inventory to directly upload the inventory on CRM.


This feature will allow you to create and upload excel file with multiple inventory details in order to avoid time consuming data entry task for inventory module in

One can import units as well as floor plan data in bulk. Administrator of client only have access to bulk upload inventory.

Units sheet - All fields in sheet are mandatory for bulk upload.

Floor Plans - Following fields are mandatory for floor plan bulk upload.

  • Floor Plans - 
  • developer_name
  • project_name
  • project_tower_name
  • name
  • bedrooms
  • bathrooms
  • carpet
  • loading
  • saleable base_rate
  • base_price
  • category
  • type