Existing users of sales, pre-sales manager and admin share different level of access to records in sell.do.Now extending this feature, we are introducing user role hierarchy. Like an organizational chart, a role hierarchy represents a level of data access that user needs.

The new feature allows client company to define one or more team based hierarchy in sell.do to in order to share access to leads of any employee with the higher level employees.

According to above hierarchy, Mumbai team manager will have access to leads of his team members as well as Mumbai pre-sales team’s leads.  When it comes to Sales head team, it’s manager will have access to leads of Mumbai team, Pune team, Delhi team and also to their child (lower level) hierarchy, that is Mumbai pre-sales, Pune pre-sales as well as Delhi pre-sales. 

In case, if Sales head manager is not going work on lead i.e. take any action like a call, email or other, he/she is only going to monitor the leads, then it leads manage access can be disabled by disabling“allow_to_manage_leads” configuration for the user (i.e. Manager of Sales head team).