This module provides the pipeline analysis and sales performance reports with details of sales and their activities. 

In pipeline analysis section there are two reports

1)Lead stage analysis: This report is a representation of data of all the leads which are segmented into different lead stages.


In order to see detailed stats and activities, click on a certain bar of the graph, which will open up details page. It will display a list of all the records covered under that bar which in above graph represents a number of leads of a user in prospect stage.

It will display records will lead details and respective sales activities. You can review the sales activities for detailed analysis. Export and Print functions are available for the list. There is always an option to “To call leads click here” which will navigate you to call the leads on


2)Lead turnaround report:  This report depicts the effectiveness of Lead Handling for a selected duration in terms of Enquiry to Site Visit to Enquiry to Conversion.

Similar to above report, you can view detailed sales activity.

In Sales performance section there are two reports

  1. Site-visits scheduled: This report helps you to study sales performance by analyzing site-visit scheduled vs missed and conducted.

  2. Bookings: To analyze the performance, you can check the booked leads through this report.