1) Brokers:

Admin edits or deletes existing brokers in cp.sell.do. Admin has search and export functionality added to the broker's module. With export functionality, the list of all brokers in cp.sell.do account will be exported and downloaded in CSV format.

However, client's estate admin cannot add brokers. In order to add a broker clients estate.sell.do account must add channel partner user from estate account and then admin of cp.sell.do application must import the user using the “Fetch” option on import page.

2) Projects

By default, all the projects in client’s estate.sell.do account will be automatically added to cp.sell.do account. Even though admin cannot add a project, he/she can view as well as edit the project details. Also, the project can be deleted from cp.sell.do account by admin.

Admin has the extra privilege to add one/more assets to the project. The assets can be a brochure or floor plan or price sheet. 

3) Commissions:

In order to provide information about commissions to be gained by a broker, admin can add commission for every project in cp.sell.doapplication. He/she can add/edit or delete commission information in this module. However, he/she can commission data only once for every project.

4) Offers:

This particular module is cp.sell.do allows admin to add and manage offers available for a client. These offers will be visible to brokers on their accounts. Admin can select offer type (image/text/HTML) and add respective data to offer. He/she can also set priority in which offers should be displayed. However, the offer can/can not be related to a particular project. Once saved, the offer will be broadcasted to every broker in cp.sell.do the application.

5) Leads:

Leads section lists all the leads added by brokers. Admin can filter the list with stage, status, site-visit status, sales, channel partners and project criteria, he/she is also able to search lead by lead-id, Admindoesn’tname, email or phone number.

Export functionality enables admin to export the lead list in CSV format.

6) Imports:

Admin doesn't have access to add leads, but he/she can import leads from a CSV file with given format. All import instructions have been provided on the page itself. Imports module indicates a history of lead import with details of upload date, lead count, status and file name.

But admin should be aware than the imported leads in cp.sell.do application will not automatically sync with estate.sell.do. To send these leads to sell.do account, the lead must be pushed manually from cp.sell.do the application.

7) Login as:

This functionality allows the admin user to log in and review broker's account by log-in with the broker account.

8) Client Profile:

Admin can look client profile details with this option. The following information is displayed in client profile

  • Name

  • Website

  • Email

  • Phone

  • APIkey: API key for estate.sell.do account

  • APISecret: API secret from estate.sell.do account

APIkey and secret values must be accurate, based on lead data will be synced with estate.sell.do account.

9) Client Settings

This option allows admin to edit those settings which include the information provided in the client profile.

10) Admin Profile (Your profile)

This option allows admin to edit his/her own profile details including name/phone and email details.