When channel partner/broker login into cp.sell.do, the dashboard will be displayed first which will give an overview of all the important details from his account. It includes

  • Offers- If there are any offers added by admin contain images, they will be showcased in this section. Maximum 4 offers can be displayed in this view based on their priority.

  • LeadStatistics- 

    • General-This gives an overview of leads added by the broker and their progress which includes total lead, accepted, rejected and booked lead count as well as total booking amount for the bookings.

    • Stagewise – It provides stage-wise lead statistics which comprise lead stage and lead status wise count.

    • Site-visit-It provide site-visit status wise breakage of leads.

  • TopPerformers- Under this section, all it indicates a list of top offers, a list of top users with respect to leads and list of top users with respect to bookings analysis.


Leads section records all the leads added by the broker which will be automatically pushed into estate.sell.do app and also leads imported by admin and assigned to the logged-in user. Those imported leads will not be auto-pushed to estate.sell.do account but need to push manually by the broker.

Broker can look all the details for lead which includes

  • Personal details

  • Requirements

  • Contact details

  • Sell.dodetails

The user can filter the list with stage, status, site-visit status, sales, and project. He/she is also able to search lead by lead-id, name, email or phone number. Export functionality enables the user to export the lead list in CSV format.

In order to add lead, the broker should add following details for the lead.

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Secondary email (optional)

  • Secondary phone number (optional)

  • Project

  • Min and max budget

  • Address, City (optional)
  • State, Country and zip code (optional)

  • Comment(optional)

Once added, the mandatory details cannot be changed, but secondary email, Brokercancontact number as well as comments can be added/edited later on.


A broker can get a list of projects and their details from this module. He can also get the assets added by admin for the projects which will provide information about floor plan, brochure or price sheet which will help them to provide more details of the projects.


This is one of the crucial feature provided by the broker. Whenever a booking occurs with broker’s lead, a certain percentage will be provided a commission to the broker. This commission percentage for every project may differ. This module list’s commissions for every project. However, cp.sell.do application doesn’t calculate or track commission details.


This section allows broker view offers added by admin. The broker can view the details of an offer. The offers can be project specific or not.


This option allows the broker to edit his/her own profile details including name/phone, email and address details.


This option allows the broker to change the password details.