For the integration of with Sell.Do please login to your Admin Account and follow the below process : 

  1. Go to Marketing Automation > Lead Integration > API Based Integrations.
    • Check if Sulekha is listed here. If available, proceed to the next step.
    • If Sulekha is not listed, 
      • Click "New API Integration".
      • Name it as "Sulekha".
      • Select API client type as "Sulekha Pusher". Now it will be listed along with other API. (This API Key will be used for integration).
  2. Go to Products & Services and click projects.
    • In actions, edit the project you wish to integrate.
    • From the left-hand side list, click Portal Integration Codes.
    • Check if Sulekha is listed.
      • If yes, add the exact project name in Portal Reference keys and save. 
        (Please note this project name should be the one that sulekha team will push once the integration is done. Contact your sulekha POC for this.)
      • If no, click the PORTALS tab at the top and select sulekha from the list and save. Follow the above step after this.
  3. Go to Marketing Automation > Campaign Tracking
    • Edit the campaign in which you want the leads to be tagged.
    • Navigate to 4th Tab - Input channels
    • Create a rule with following details
      • API Channel : Sulekha
      • Project name : Select project name
      • Souce : Sulekha
      • Subsource : Of your choice & Save.

Sell.Do Integration process is completed here. Once integration process is completed by Sulekha team,  please ask them to pass a test lead and check if we have received it in Sell.Do.