In order to create the incentive plans go to configuration > incentive plans tab


following are fields which you will encounter while creating the incentive plan, 

  • Name: Enter the name which specifies project name as well as role because you need to create incentive plans for various projects and role differently. For an easier understanding of the incentive plan, create the meaningful name for it.

  • Payout pattern: This is one of the vital factors in incentive plan creation. If you want the incentive plan to follow your team hierarchy, then you can select the hierarchy based option. On another hand, if your commission structure may differ from your team hierarchy, or you want to restrict the incentive to certain users, you can use user wise.
    This option enables you to decide other users who will get incentive based on the executives' performance.

  • Role: The created plan will be applicable to only the selected one role. You cannot create the incentive plan for the same project and role combination for which the plan is already created. In other words, For one project you can have only 1 plan for every role.

  • Projects: Contrary to above condition, you can apply the same incentive plan to multiple projects. So if you are going to have the same incentive plan for all projects of your company, you just need to create 1 incentive plan for ever role and select all projects in it.

  • Payout Percentage: This percentage indicates the payout percentage which the client wants to actually pay out of total calculated percentage.

  • Events:  This option enables you to set up incentive structure for various events.
    You need to select the appropriate event first and then select the fixed amount to be paid per event happened and event minimum limit after which only the incentive will be applicable.

    There are 4 events currently available in system viz

    1. Site-visits scheduled

    2. site-visits conducted

    3. Booking

    4. Qualified leads

  • PayoutPattern :
    This is the pattern to be used to pay other users. If the type is a hierarchy based then there is no need to select the users, it will be applicable to those who are the successor managers of the executive.You can define % of fixed amount to be paid to them level wise. If you don't want to pay users except for the base executive, then you can simply skip this step.
    In case of the user based payout pattern, you can select the users to be paid and what % of fixed amount to be paid. Apart from that, all other elements are similar.
    Payoutpatern decides the commissions to be paid, which events to be used and if the event is booking, then you can different the incentives based on unit configurations.
    • Add more : This option allows you to add more levels and respective incentive percentage for the same event.
    • AddConfiguration : Use this option to add more payout pattern for other events.

Based on these events the incentive plans can be generated.