The bulk dialer feature in allows you to make calls out to a large set of leads. You only once need to setup a bulk dialer job with start and end time along with the lead list.

As you can see in below screenshot, the list of bulk dialer jobs is displayed along with name, start date time, end date time and status details.

You can take appropriate actions depending upon the status of the job.

  1. staus= scheduled: When you have created the job for future date/time, you can edit all the details of the job.
  2. status = In Progress: When the job starts working at provided start date and time, you can see the reports from report option. Or the edit option takes you to the details page where you can either Pause, Stop or Reschedule the job. However, you need to provide the reason for the Pause or Stop action.
    In order to reschedule the job, select future start date/time which will resume the job them onwards. 
  3. Status = Stoped: If you no longer want to continue the job due to some reason, you can stop it. However, once stopped you cannot resume the same.
  4. Status = Paused by Engine: When the end date time of the job is paused, but the leads to be dialed are remaining i.e job is not completed, it will get Paused by Engine at end date time. In order to continue it, you should reschedule the job.
  5. Status = Completed: Once the job is completed, you can only view the statistics report for the bulk dialer job.

Following are the fields required in process of creating the dialer job

  • Name: 
  • Start date time: It should be future date time.
  • nd date time: End time should be greater than the start date time.
  • department: You can select the department/role by which calling to be executed.
  • sales: These are the sales/pre-sales executives which are to be kept in the loop for calling. The leads are assigned to sales in round robin way.
  • leads selection: This option enables you to select one or more lead list to which call are to be placed.
  • get count: This option gives the total count of lead in lead selection fields.
  • Enforce sticky: Enabling it will apply the sticky rule for calling.
  • Initiate calls to: It also allow you decide either to initiate a call to the lead or to the sales first.


You can review the bulk dialer summary report for the job once it is started.

It describes following points

  • Job summary details
    • Total call initiated
    • Total calls established
    • Total calls not answered by lead
    • Total calls not answered by sales
    • Total calls not placed
  • Job summary details - sales wise
    • Sales name who were included in the dialer job along with team name, total answered call count and total not answered call count respectively.
  • Call statistics
    • It indicates the percentage wise distribution of total calls divided with call not placed, established, not answered by sales and not answered by lead.