One more smart feature for the easier analysis of your marketing efforts in terms of ROI. The marketing reports in already provides you detailed insights of campaigns and now another much-needed ROI report which enables you to drill down the most vital calculation metrics like Cost per lead, cost per site visit and much more based on your google Adwords and facebook adverts accounts

Here you only need to sync your google Adwords and facebook adverts account with It will make your work much easier than you think. No more manual calculations of CPL, CTR and other calculation metrics. It will generate a detailed cost attribution report of campaigns for you. 

This feature is reliable when it comes to accessing your account as it will only need read access to complete this work.

This is feature is free and no additional costs applicable to clients. Contact the support team, to enable this feature.

Following points gives you an idea about configurations, setup related to google Adwords and facebook adverts along with the ROI report of a campaign.