In order to start with the post-sales, first, administrator must configure following elements


  1. Enable Post-sales module: Enable this flag, to use the post-sales feature with your account.

  2. Allow post sales users to confirm bookings:  Either you can allow only manager user to confirm the bookings and then the post-sales user can proceed with post-sales activities by disabling this flag or enabling it, you can also allow post sales user to directly confirm the booking to work on it.

  3. Routing based on: There are 3 ways to route the booking from sales to post-sales executive.

    • Sales: If you select sales based routing, sales user will get the list of all active post sales executives, he/she can assign the booking to the user directly from list.

    • Team: Selecting team based routing, enable sales user to assign the booking based on post-sales team and the user of that team.

    • Project: If you are selecting project based routing, then you must foremost select the post-sales users for respective projects. This can be done from Inventory > Project > Project Details. This will enable the system, to assign the booking to the provided post-sales users Project-wise. If there are multiple users, then round-robin architecture is followed for the assignment.

  4. Payment types: In the billing of a property sell, there can be multiple costs involved. These type of payments can be mentioned here. By default, there are already following payment types are added

    • Agreement

    • Service tax

    • Vat

    • Registration

    • Interest

    • Stamp duty

  1. Interest Percentage: This is the interest percentage, which will be applicable in case customer delays the payment over the grace period.

  2. Grace Period: Grace period defines the no. of days from the date of the demand letter sent, after which interest will be applicable to the unpaid cost in that demand letter.

  3. Government Costs: These are the common government costs which are always applicable to your property to be sold. You only once need to setup the calculation formula and the costs will be auto-calculated for the every property dynamically and added to the cost sheet.
    If they are fixed/absolute you can directly put amount, else if the cost is calculative based on another cost, then you can add formula for the same
    For example. Vat 1% Agreement Value
    Henceforth, the VAT value will be always calculated depending on agreement value for every unit under your inventory.

Note: When government costs are updated, you can always revise those here, but those costs will be applicable for those bookings only which are done after the cost revision in

  1. Reminder: In order to automate reminder emails if the customer has not paid the amount in last demand letter, set up the number of days and no. of reminders with this configuration.
    The 1st reminder will be sent after mentioned no.of days of sending the demand letter. In case you want to set up multiple reminders you can add the reminder and set again the no.of days of previous reminder email.

  2. Reminder Threshold: When the customer has paid the partial amount from last demand letter and you don’t want to send reminders if a certain x% of that amount is already paid. You can update the x as reminder threshold.

  3. Send Cancellation Email: Enabling this, will allow you send cancellation email. You should also configure the no. of days of sending demand letter after which cancellation email would be sent.


Following are the important configurations which should be done to implement a successful post-sales feature

  • The project, tower, floor plans, and units information must be up to date.
  • The cost details should be correct as they are considered while making a booking.
  • The appropriate letter templates should be configured as per requirements.
  • Payment schedule which is the most important factor  should be configured for the project towers
  • The booking status must be updated time-to-time according to the construction progress in order to generate the demand letters on time and complete the post sales activities.


For the details of INVENTORY module visit below page.