Bookings are the leads which have booked your product/property.

Bookings section contains the list of all the bookings assigned to the user. You can see the details of the selected booking in front of the list. The details contains the following information  

  1. Booking Id
  2. Customer name
  3. Unit and project details
  4. Booked date
  5. Booking status

You can filter the list by project, user, and date range. You can view details by clicking on the right arrow on record.

Demand Letters

A demand letter is a formal notice from developers demanding that the customer pays the agreed amount in the given deadline. According to the payment schedule, demand letters are generated whenever construction proceeds and completes a milestone. If any previous amount is due, it will be also covered in next demand letter with interest as per the rules.

Demand letter section indicates the list of demand letters generated for customers. The list includes all sent/draft/paid demand letters with following details

  • Project Unit
  • Construction Stage
  • Demand letter type
  • status
    • Draft: If the demand letter is generated but not sent yet.
    • Sent: If the demand letter sent, must customer has not paid for it yet.
    • Paid: If the demand letter sent, and payment is received from the customer.

If the demand letter status is "Draft", then the user can select the demand letter and send to the customer. He/she can send multiple demand letters at the same time.