What does Sell.Do need from Developer (Client)?

  • The project name for Integration
  • Livserv/Livprop POC name & contact details
  • Lead tagging details in sell.do
    • Campaign : 
    • Subsource :

What does Sell.Do need from Livechat Team?

  • Exact project name that will be pushed to Sell.Do.
  • Test Lead to be pushed from your end once integration is done.
  • Test Lead phone number one the test lead is pushed.

Integration Process :

  • Once the request is received to support for the integration, sell.do will need above details from the client and Livechat team.
  • Sell.do will provide API key, Post URL and Parameters to Livechat.
  • Sell.do will do internal process for integration.
  • Livechat will do internal process for integration.
  • Once integration is done by Livechat, they will push a test lead and share the phone number to sell.do team.
  • Sell.do will confirm if the lead is received and integration will be completed.

Integration Details : 

"api_key": "ddce2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx29146e6",
"first_name": "Livserv",
"last_name": "Test",
"phone": "901XXXXX11",
"email": "livserv@gmail.com",
"srd": "5fbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx04fc92",
"comments": "Interested in project........"
  • API key : Will be provided by Sell.do
  • SRD : Will be provided by Sell.do


POST URL : https://app.sell.do/api/leads/create?



Body > raw > JSON

"api_key": "ddce216cd83a0051f806e1acb29146e6",
"first_name": "Livserv",
"last_name": "Test",
"phone": "9012387611",
"email": "livserv@gmail.com",
"srd": "5fb63acaa6bbc9208f04fc92",
"comments": "Interested in project........"



Integration Process in Sell.do :

  • Create API in Marketing Automation > Lead Integration > API based integration > New API Integration > API Client Type > Liv Serv (Skip if API is already created).
  • Map Project name in Project > Edit > Protal Configuration Codes > Liv serv.
  • Create Rule in the respective campaign.
  • Test