Lead capture forms are used to capture leads from website or landing page enquiry forms to sell.do.

Path : Login from Admin > Marketing Automation > Lead Capture Forms

To create a new lead capture form click on “New lead capture template”.

  1. Name: Enquiry form will be displayed by name wherever this form will be placed on the website.
  2. Greeting: Greetings to be displayed
  3. Thank you Message: This message will be displayed when the lead fills in the information in the form and submits the form.
  4. Submit button text: Name for submit button to be displayed
  5. Disclaimer: We can set up the disclaimer to be displayed.
  6. Phone Verification: If the phone verification is enabled, an OTP will be sent on the lead’s mobile number to verify the lead’s mobile number when lead puts the correct OTP then only the form will get submitted successfully.  If phone verification is disabled then no verification will happen on the lead’s phone number.

Once we click on save, the process of creating the new web form will be completed. Other than details, 3 more fields will appear on the top as Fields, How to integrate and preview.

FIELDS: In fields, we can add more fields and create alignment for the web form.

Note : While creating the web form, it is mandatory to keep at least one field among email id or phone number in the form.


  • 3 fields will be already created as Name, email and phone number.
  • To add the new fields click on “Add another field”.
  • Display: We can set the name by which the field will be displayed.
  • Required: We can set the field as required or not required.
  • Allowed values: The form will provide a select style input, with these values as the allowed values that the visitor can choose from.
  • You can allow the visitor the entire list to choose from or restrict it to a certain set.
  • Linked to data source: In case you select this, the allowed values will always be supplied from the original data source. This means, if you add/remove a project in the system, it will affect the allowed values for this field.
  • We can create the alignment for the lead capture form and save.

How to Integrate

In how to integrate section we can get the script for the webform.You can provide this code to the client so that they can configure this form on their website. 

To embed this form, copy that code onto your site (At a place where you want this form to be shown)


You can preview the lead capture form.

Note : You can also send a test lead or actual lead using this preview form section