You can view the list of all purchased virtual numbers with their details configured as follows:-

Click on Marketing Automation -> Virtual numbers.

  • Virtual Number

  • Recording - If instead of text message an audio file is uploaded for welcome message then there will be option to View Recording, clicking on which you can listen to the uploaded audio.

  • Campaigns Assigned – To edit the virtual number details in the campaign, click on Campaign name.

  • Publisher – Source to which this input channel is assigned for tracking

  • Sub-campaign name - name of sub-campaign assigned

  • Created At – Number Purchased Date

  • Updated At - Last date on which the virtual number is updated for any campaign

  • Release On – If the number is released, then the release date will be displayed.

  • Status – If the number is released, then the status will be shown as Inactive.

  • Actions – Edit Welcome Message – You can edit the welcome message which will then be played as an IVR when the lead calls you on the virtual number.

            You can also upload a recording which will be played as welcome message instead of the text message. To upload the file :-

  • Enable flag allow me to upload recording, on which you will be able to view the Upload option.

  • To upload mp3 or wav file, click Upload option.

  • You can Filter the list of tracking numbers based on different criteria as follows

    • Created Date

    • Updated Date

    • Released On

    • Status