You can integrate and track various marketing campaigns in Sell.Do. A campaign also helps you to know the source of each and every lead. To track any campaign on Sell.Do, you need to create the campaign first. 

Task Owner



Targeted Project needs to exist in the system.

Campaign Creation Process

  1. On your Dashboard click on  icon from the left panel.

  2. You will be redirected to Marketing Automation page.

  3. Click on Campaign Tracking to view the list of all the Campaigns.

  4. Click on New Campaign button.

  1. A new form page gets displayed on the screen (ref. img.).

    1. Name: Enter a name for your Campaign. It’s compulsory to name the campaign. It acts as an identifier.

    2. Project field: If the campaign is being created for a specific project, then you need to specify the same here. In that scenario, all the incoming leads which come from the campaign will get auto-assigned to the project. Otherwise, if the campaign was a general awareness campaign, then this field can be blank.

    3. Enable sticky routing: Enabling this will allow you to reroute the existing customers (and who are re contacting you via same campaign), to the same salesperson with whom they have already spoken. So your existing customers are always in contact with the same salesperson. 

  1. Handle NRI leads separately: This option allows NRI leads to be managed by selected salespeople. On selecting this option, a list of salespeople will be available in the system. Select the user who will handle NRI leads (ref. Image).

  2. Enable Auto Call: This enables auto-calls for web inquiries. When a customer fills an online inquiry form and clicks on the submit button, a call gets automatically connected to the sales user and then gets connected to the lead. This call is made from a Virtual Number (VN) and a salesperson directly talks to the lead.

  3. Use IVR: This option will enable calls to be answered by auto-voice message uploaded in the system. You need to have a pre-recorded message added in the system to enable this option. You can select 1 IVR for each campaign. To know how to add IVR in system click here.

  4. Team: This field specifies which team will be attending the lead inquiries coming from the campaign. This works best in case you have offices which are located geographically apart.

  5. Sales: All the lead inquiries will be redirected to a specific team as mentioned earlier. But if you want a specific few persons to do the same, you can select the salespeople.

  6. Google Adwords Accounts: We can connect Google Ads account to the system. This is a very useful feature which enables you to track your Google Ads on Sell.Do itself. 

  7. Facebook Adverts Accounts: We can connect Facebook Adverts accounts to the system. This is a very useful feature which enables you to track your Facebook Adverts on Sell.Do itself. 

  8. Click on Save and Next button. This will create your Campaign in the system.

Once the campaign is created in the system you can track the campaign. To track the campaign you need to configure the campaign depending on its type.