Sell.Do creates a unique campaign_id for all campaigns integrated into the system. The id is used by the system in the back-end to uniquely identify each campaign for faultless campaign tracking and reporting. 

You need the campaign_id to fill-up the bulk import sheet. If your leads for a single import are from different campaigns then you would need to enter the respective campaign for each lead in the sheet. This campaign is entered as campaign_id in the sheet. 

Task Owner: Admin

Pre-Requisites: Campaign should be integrated into the system


  1. On your Dashboard click on  icon from the left panel.

  2. You will be redirected to Marketing Automation page.

  3. On this page click on Campaign Tracking 

  4. The list of all the Campaigns will get displayed on the screen. 

  5. In the list, search the campaign for which you need to retrieve the campaign_id. 

  6. For that particular campaign, click on the on the right of the campaign name 

  7. You will get a drop-down menu. Select Edit option

  8. A page will appear with the details of the respective Campaign.

  9. In the address bar, you will see a big number value appear

                For eg -

  1. Copy that number and that is your required campaign_id

Once you get the campaign_id you can enter it in the bulk import sheet and assign it with the respective set of leads. Click here to know the format of bulk import sheet.