You can set up multiple teams in Sell.Do as per your organizational structure. You can have a single or multiple pre-sales, sales or marketing team. You can create teams as per a project or location. We recommend having a pre-sales, sales team, and marketing team for each project. 

Task Owner



Targeted Project needs to exist in the system.

Team Creation Process:

  1. Navigate to Settings Management -> User Management -> Manage Teams (ref. img) -> New Team (ref. img).

  1. A form will get loaded on screen. (ref.img)

    1. Name:  What will be the name of the team. This is a compulsory field.

    2. Location: Where will the team be located geographically.

    3. Team Hierarchy: You can select the desired team under which you want this team to be added in Hierarchy. You can select from the dropdown consisting of list of hierarchies created for the same account, once selected; the manager of the parent team(First node) under the selected hierarchy will get full access to the leads of currently added team. Detailed hierarchy can be seen under Team hierarchy section of user management. This is a compulsory field.

    4. Accessible Teams:  The newly created team can have the complete access of the leads from the existing teams created for the client which can be selected here.  If left blank the users of the team will only be able to access their own leads.

  2. Click on Save button.

Hence the team gets created in the system. You can start adding people in the team.

If you face any issue in the process, please mail us at