Access Available to:

  • Admin

  • Sales team


  • Kindly contact support team with the SMS template to be created in case of transactional SMS.

  • Campaign should be created in system.

Types of SMS

  • Transactional

Transactional SMS are the ones which is used to pass on information regarding your product & services. These messages get deliver to DND users as well. Their number is masked under an alias text.


  • Promotional 

Promotional SMS are sent with an intention of promoting your product & services. These messages does not get delivered to DND users. Their number is not masked.

Eg. AZ98768

Steps to send Bulk SMS

  1. Create list of leads. Click here to know how

  2. Create Member list. Click here to know how

  3. Send SMS

    1. On your Dashboard click on  icon from the left panel.

    2. You will be redirected to Marketing Automation page.

    3. Click on Bulk Activities click on SMS Marketing Campaigns.

    4. Click on New SMS Campaign button.

    5. A form gets displayed with 4 Tabs. (ref. img.)

  1. Setup :

    1. Name:

    2. Description:

    3. SMS Type:

    4. Select a Campaign:

    5. Select an Tracking SMS Shortcode generated in Sell.Do:

  1. Select Members :

                    Mention the list of users, you wish to send SMS to. Click on Proceed button.

  1. Design :

            Select the pre-defined template set for the respective selected Campaign. Click on Proceed button.

  1. Review :

    1. Member List: 

      The target Member list gets displayed on screen, with the number of end users present in the list.

    2. SMS Preview:

      SMS Type: Transactional / Promotional

      Content: You will be able to preview how to SMS will get displayed on the screen. For any changes, get in touch with sales team.

      Test Your SMS: You will able to send a test message on any given number, receive it on phone and see how it will actually get displayed.

    3. Send Now: Selecting this option will send SMS right away to all the list users.

    4. Schedule: This option will allow you to setup SMS and schedule it to be sent at a specific time of the day.

    5. Save as Draft: This option will allow you to save the SMS as draft and revisit it again.

Thus your SMS Campaign will be ready to be sent to the end users.