Access Available to:

  • Admin


  • Leads should exist in the system

  • HTML Code of the creative

  • Campaign should be created in system

Steps to send Bulk Email

  1. Create list of leads. Click here to know how

  2. Create Member list. Click here to know how

  3. Send Email

Send Email

  1. On your Dashboard click on  icon from the left panel.

  2. You will be redirected to Marketing Automation page.

  3. Click on Bulk Activities click on Email Marketing Campaigns.

  4. Click on New Email Campaign button.

  1. A form gets displayed with 4 Tabs. (ref. img.)

    1. Setup:

      1. Name: [Compulsory Field] : 

        Name the template. It acts as an identifier.

      2. Description:Mention some details for the respective template.

      3. From Name: [Compulsory Field]
        Mention name of the Sender, which will appear in the inbox of the recipients.

      4. From Email: [Compulsory Field]
        Mention Email of the Sender, which will appear in the inbox of the recipients.

      5. Select a Campaign: [Compulsory Field]
        We need to mention the Campaign for which we are sending out mails.

      6. Reply-To Address: [Compulsory Field]
        The reply to address, comes handy when the users reply to the mail with inquiries. So this email inbox would be the receiver of the user queries.
      7. Select an input channel generated in Sell.Do: You get an option to select the input channel associated with the respective campaign.
      8. Click on Proceed button.

  1. Select Members:

Mention the list of users, you wish to send Email to. Click on Proceed button.

  1. Design:

    • Subject: Mention Subject of the mail

    • Paste your HTML code: Directly paste the HTML code for your mail contents

    • Simple Email Editor: Write your own mail using the Editor

    • Design: Design your mail using the Design tool

    • Click on Proceed Button.

    • In your mail body you to compulsory mention the unsubscribe link, else the template does not get created.

  1. Review:

  1. Member List:

                The target Member list gets displayed on screen, with the number of end users present in the list.

  1. Email Preview:

                Review your mail body.

  1. Send Test Email:

                You can mention a Email Address, send a Test Email and check if the mail is sent as per the settings.

  1. Send Now: 

                Selecting this option will send Email right away to all the list users.

  1. Schedule: 

                This option will allow you to setup Email and schedule it to be sent at a specific time of the day.

  1. Save as Draft: 

                This option will allow you to save the Email as draft and revisit it again.

Thus your Email Campaign will be ready to be sent to the end users.